First things First

Welcome to my website :] I don't have too much content at the moment so i'm keeping it all on one page. I Hope you Enjoy your visit!

Latest News

New project that is well on its way to being finished. Sequal to Time Platform on its way, and once I've overcome this one annoying problem progress should be fairly swift :)

Actual Content

LOL. It's kinda lacking at the moment. There's not a great deal worth putting up here. But here's what I've got to show for myself at the moment!

  • Video Game - Time Platform - Screenshot - Download
  • Project - Time Platform 2 - Screenshot [1][2] - Devlog [TDC]
  • Project - Snow Ballin' - Screenshot - Devlog [TDC]
  • Pixel Art - One Wheeled Robot - Veiw
  • Pixel Art - Game Mockup - Veiw
  • Very Nice Links

  • The Daily Click: Large and nice community based around creating games. Main Site
  • Smooth Few Films: Machinema creators behind the epic comedy 'The Leet World'. Main Site